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It's Up to You, Abe Lincoln

Pay off your debts, or skip town? Surrender the fort, or go to war? Hire your friends, or your rivals? The tough decisions that made Abe Lincoln one of America's greatest presidents!

You're a farm kid from the Midwest, you don't have a penny to your name--although you will be on the penny one day!--and you have big dreams of going into politics. What do you do, Abraham? Select one:
A. Work hard, become a lawyer, and see what happens.
B. Get advice from your good buddy Stephen Douglas.
C. Forget politics! Just keep on farming.
D. Read this book and discover all the twists and turns that lead to your incredible legacy as the president who ended American slavery and saved the nation!






"One decision can change your life…these 10 decisions turned a man into a president.  The father-daughter Hirschfeld team examines the life of Abraham Lincoln in this quirky and humorous biography . . . Educators will love this title for its wealth of information, and young readers will love it for its welcoming tone.  Be a best friend and give this book to someone who has not read it."